Lesson Archive

​North Pointe Church of Christ

Lessons By Tim Hines:

"Planted" 8/31/2018 (Covington LA)

​"Confidence In God" 8/19/2018 (Covington LA)

"Love" 6/3/2018 (Covington LA)

"Preparing The Mind" 1/28/2018 (Covington LA)

"God Wants Your Attention" 1/21/2018 (Covington LA)

​"What Are Your Goals For The Year?"​ 1/14/2018 (Covington LA)

"Newness With Your Relationship To God" 72/3/2017 (Covington LA)

​"Great Challenges" 7/16/2017 (Covington LA)

"What Is A Disciple?" 7/9/2017 (Covington LA)

​"Be Proactive In Ministry" 6/4/2017 (Covington LA)

​"Memorial Day" 5/28/2017 (Covington LA)

"Mother's Day 2017"  5/14/2017 (Covington LA)

"Option A Or Option B?" 5/7/2017 (Covington LA)

"God Has A Plan For Man" 4/23/2017 (Covington LA)

"Why Did People Fail To See Jesus?" (Easter)​ 4/16/2017 (Covington LA)

​"Benefit From A Personal Relationship With God"​ 3/26/2017 (Covington)

"Help With Your Comeback Story" 3/19/2017 (Covington LA)

"Get Back On Your Game" 3/12/2017 (Covington LA)

"Do You Want To Go To Heaven?" 3/5/2017 (Covington LA)

​"Chaos: How Satan Works" 2/26/2017 (Covington LA)

​"The Journey Of Healing And Change" 2/19/2017 (Covington LA)

​"Quest Of Finding God" 2/12/2017 (Covington LA)

"Love As God Intended" 1/22/2017 (Covington LA)

"Rejoicing And Being Happy" 1/15/2017 (Covington LA)

"Are You Doing What You Are Designed To Do?" 1/8/2017 (Covington LA)

"Christmas 2016" 12/25/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Fear" 12/18/2016 (Covington LA)

"To Whom Do You Belong?" 12/18/2016 (Covington LA)

"A Fishing Story" 12/4/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Thanksgiving" 11/27/2016 (Covington LA)

​"All In How You Look At It" 11/20/2016 (Covington LA)

"Look Up" 11/13/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Achieving Your Goal: Getting There" 11/9/2016 (Covington LA)

"God Fixes People" 10/2/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Is Thy Heart Right With God?" 9/18/2016 (Covington LA)

"Waiting For A Sign" 8/28/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Keeping Satan Out" 8/14/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Can I Learn To Listen?" 6/26/2018 (Covington LA)

"Bring Me Some Unity" 5/22/2016 (Covington LA)

"This Is The Time To See And Hear" 5/15/2016 (Covington LA)

"A Mother's Sacrifice" 5/8/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Come Follow Me" 5/1/2016 (Covington LA)

"Remember Me" 4/24/2016 (Covington LA)

"Jesus Sets His Plan In Motion" 4/10/2016 (Covington LA)

​"Produce Fruit That Is Good" 4/3/2016 (Covington LA)

"The Lamb Of God" 12/20/2015 (Covington LA)

"Moments In Our Lives" 02/07/16 (Covington LA)

"Who Is Jesus?"  04/13/16 (Covington LA)

Lessons By Dalton Hines:

"Making The Workplace Your Mission Field"  (Covington LA)
"Loyalty" (Covington LA)