The North Pointe congregation of the Lord’s church was started in 2008 by a few families who had a desire to study the Bible, and nothing but the Bible, to worship God to the best of their abilities in accordance with what is found in the New Testament, and to do the Lord’s work in the Covington – Mandeville – Madisonville communities by sharing the Gospel with everyone who has a desire to learn about Jesus.   
Our Core Beleifs Include:
-        We believe in the autonomy of each congregation to make their own decisions about non-doctrinal issues that might help that congregation encourage and serve the needs of their membership. 
-        We do not have a local, state, or national headquarters that dictates to us any man-made doctrine. 
-        We search the scriptures daily and study with open minds, hearts, and a strong desire to follow the teachings of Jesus. 
-        We believe the Bible was written by men inspired by God and is complete in its message to us today. 
-        We believe that Jesus is the Christ who was prophesied by the prophets in the Old Testament, that He died for our sins on the cross, that He was buried and remained in the tomb for 3 days, and that He rose from that grave in a physical manner, was seen by many people, and that He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of God.
-        We believe that baptism is immersion in water, as taught and exemplified in the New Testament, that it is for the forgiveness of sins, and that one must repent, confess, and accept Jesus as Savior before being baptized.

 We welcome all visitors to our services and are ready to study with you about our congregation, Jesus and His message to all people, and our work to serve Him.  If you are interested, please use the “CONTACT US” menu option above to email us, stop in during one of our services to visit with us, or call us to set up a date and time for one of our members or families to come visit with you.

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